About Us


  C.E.R.N.Z core team is made up of people who believe in the primary role of every road user being:
'Actively cause no harm to other road users'.
With over 60 years combined experience of motorcycle riding, and a passion for delivering an experience that will leave people wanting to come back time and again, the core team are constantly training to make sure that we provide the best team possible for your event.
As veterans of many charity events over the years from the organising, riding and marshaling side of these events, Byron, Kim and Shaun realised that what was needed was a more organised and professional approach to the safe running for all concerned when interacting in large groups with other road users.
Together we decided to form C.E.R.N.Z.
Basing our training methods on a mix of C.E.R.A, NZTA and Roadcraft principles, we bring a level of professionalism to the way road events are done that has never before been available in New Zealand by a private company, using highly skilled and professionally trained motorcyclists.
Bringing to you:

  • 60+ years riding motorcycles
  • Certified I.A.M Advanced Riders (Institute of Advanced Motorists)
  • NZTA Certified Driving / Motorcycle Instructors
  • NZTA Certified Pilots
  • BRONZ Mentor Riders
  • BRONZ Wellington Inc (Bikers Rights Organisation New Zealand) Executive Team
  • National Chairperson for LEENZ (Lifting Equipment Engineers NZ - the safety org. for the Lifting Industry)

(I.A.M and RoSPA belong to their respective organisations and they are not associated to C.E.R.N.Z in any way, implied or suggested, other than C.E.R.N.Z fully respects the philosophy of Roadcraft training that each respective group works within. Note that not all current riders may have achieved the I.A.M / RoSPA Advanced Rider certification, but they will all be working toward that goal)  

Where We Ride


Starting as a Wellington based team, we are prepared to travel the length and breadth of New Zealand to deliver for our clients the kind of service they would expect from a professional team of dedicated and experienced Motorcycle Escorts.

Contact us and lets talk about how we can best serve your requirements. 

Why We Do It


Behind everything we do is the ethos: 

"Be part of the solution, not part of the problem".

C.E.R.N.Z started out as motorcyclists working for motorcyclists. Why? Simple, no one understands motorcyclists better than a motorcyclist.

It didn't take the founding team long to realise that not only was there a hole in the market, but there was an absolute need for motorcycling in New Zealand to be recgonised as a professional pathway for those who wanted to do more.

C.E.R.N.Z is available to provide its services to anyone who wants to move that event from point A to point B in a safe and controlled manner while still enjoying what the event is about. But we are much more than that. Browse our site to see what we have available.