The C.E.R.N.Z Instructor must prove their abilities to an independent and suitably qualified assessor, as well as go through Management approval before qualifying as an Instructor for C.E.R.N.Z
Some of the qualifications this person would also need are:

  • Current and valid NZTA I-endorsement Class-1 & 6 (Car, Motorcycle)
  • NZTA  approved CBTA Assessor
  • NZTA Certified Load Escort / Pilot
  • I.A.M / RoSPA Certified Advanced Rider
  • I.A.M / RoSPA Certified Observer (preferred)

All Instructors must re-qualify every 12-months on all rider skills tests and be approved by the Management Team to continue in the role of Instructor.
(I.A.M and RoSPA belong to their respective organisations and they are not associated to C.E.R.N.Z in any way, implied or suggested other than C.E.R.N.Z fully respects the philosophy of Roadcraft training that each respective group works within.)

Rider - Certified

  Each C.E.R.N.Z Rider has passed the rider skills tests as well as an interview process with the C.E.R.N.Z Management team. These individuals are also dedicated to the core ethos and beliefs that C.E.R.N.Z strive to uphold.
Some of the qualifications for a Rider are:

  • Current and valid NZ Full Class-6 license
  • NZTA Certified Load Escort / Pilot
  • C.E.R.N.Z Rider Skills Test passed
  • I.A.M Certified Advanced Rider (If not achieved yet, they must be able to demonstrate a firm understanding of the Roadcraft Advanced Rider principles)

Each C.E.R.N.Z Rider must re-qualify every 2-years on all of the rider skills tests. 

Associate Member

  To become a C.E.R.N.Z Associate it is as simple as applying to the Management Team for membership.
All applicants will be thoroughly vetted before attaining associate status. All applicants must hold as a minimum one or more of the below qualifications:

  • Current , clean, and valid NZ Restricted Class-1 (car) license
  • Current , clean, and valid NZ Restricted Class-6 (Motorcycle) license

It is expected that each Associate Member will as quickly as possible, advance to the status of C.E.R.N.Z Rider/Driver.
Approved associates will be able to assist C.E.R.N.Z with tasks and duties under the express direction and deputisation of the C.E.R.N.Z management team to actively assist during the event that C.E.R.N.Z is participating in.Associate members do not otherwise represent C.E.R.N.Z in any manner other than those as expressly provided by C.E.R.N.Z Management.