Motorcycle Escort Riders


Our team of dedicated professional riders are here to help you interact with other road users as safely as possible. Using radio communications, your team and the C.E.R.N.Z team can always be in contact during your event to ensure that things run as smoothly and safely as possible while on the move.

Let our team of experienced professionals help you with Route Design, Hazard Identification / Mitigation / Management, Controlled Parking at the start, middle and end points of your event, as well as managing the event while it moves along the roading network.


R.S.D.I - Road Safety Drivers Improvement Course


The Road Safety Drivers Improvement (R.S.D.I) course is designed to assist any level of driving experience. From the Learner through to the Experienced driver, everyone can benefit from the R.S.D.I.

Private vehicle owners, those looking to get assistance with preparation for a driving assessment, or a corporate company looking to examine and improve how their fleet is being driven. Talk to us to see what is involved and how we can best deliver this to suit your requirements.


Motorcycle Training


At the heart of C.E.R.N.Z we believe in skills that will keep the rider safe and will provide a better road user for everyone on the network. We can train you to pilot your motorcycle in ways that you may not have considered before.

It takes time, patience and determination to pass C.E.R.N.Z testing. We believe that to do the job and deliver the best for our clients, it is a mix of 10% physicality and 90% mentality.

Don't get us wrong, your physical skills will definitely be required, pushed and improved going through this course, but more importantly you will come to understand the ethos of "Be part of the solution, not part of the problem".

We are always looking for that special person who wants to take their riding to the next level. If you think you possess that special something, or even just want to improve your skills, then contact us today and lets get you going.